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with sliced pancakes

with liverpaste

with wipped cream an croutons

Salad dishes

Big salad plate
with grilled sheep cheese

Mixed salad platter
with steaks of beef and pork,served with herb butter

Vegetarian dishes

Home made vegetarian Maultaschen
with gorgonzolasauce and green salad

Swabian dishes

small onion rump steak, a filet of pork
a Maultasche on potatoe salad
served with homemade spätzle

Onion rump steak
with homemade spätzle (Swabian pasta) and mixed salad

Main dishes

Schnitzel “Vienna Style“ made of pork
with French fries and mixed salad

Steak from the back of pork with herb butter,
served with bacon beans and wedged potatoes

Fish dishes

Fresh trout fried in almon butter,
served with parsley potatoes and green salad

Grilled salmon filet
on spinach leefs with white wine sauce and fine noodles


Duo of raspbeery and passion fruit sorbet
with prosecco

four baked apple rings
with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream