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Starters and soups

Clear soup
with sliced pancakes
4,30 €

Tomato crème soup
4,50 €

Tomato and mozzarella
with balsamico-dressing and baguette
5,30 €

Crusted snails
with herb butter and toast
5,40 €

Salad dishes

Big salad plate
with grilled sheep cheese
11,80 €

Big Mixed salad
with steaks of beef and pork,served with herb butter
12,70 €

Vegetarian dishes

Spinach dumplings
stuffed with sheep cheese on tomato ragout
10,70 €

with ricotta-spinach-sauce
11,20 €

Swabian dishes

Homemade Maultaschen (Meet in noodle pate)
crusted with ham and cheese, served with potato salad
12,30 €

“Schönaicher Pot” Filet of pork
with cream sauce, mixed vegetables and spätzle (Swabian pasta)
15,80 €

Onion rump steak
with homemade spätzle (Swabian pasta) and mixed salad
17,50 €

Main dishes

Two potatoes
with pan fried Apple rings, and roasted onions,
served with panfried potatoes and mixed salad
11,70 €

Liver of beef "berlin style“
stuffed with herb quark and smoked salmon
12,90 €

Schnitzel “Vienna Style“ made of pork
with French fries and mixed salad
13,70 €

Beef Gulash
with white bread dumplings and mixed salad
12,90 €

Fish dishes

Fresh trout fried in lemon butter,
served with parsley potatoes and green salad
15,80 €

Steak dishes

Steak from the back of pork with herb butter,
served with bacon beans and wedged potatoes
14,50 €

Rump steak with red wine sauce,
currlie fries and grilled tomato
18,90 €


Duo of raspbeery and passion fruit sorbet
with prosecco
4,70 €

four baked apple rings
with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
5,50 €